Zelit is currently managing a project based on funds received as part of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme 2007-2013 ˝Support for strengthening the competitiveness of the Croatian SME sector˝, which is financed by the European Union and supervised by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Central Agency for Financing and Contracting.


Title of the project: Advancing competitiveness of Zelit Ltd through improved business procedures and production in waste water management sector

Beneficiary: Zelit Ltd

Programme:  Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme 2007-2013

Goals of the project include strengthening the competitiveness of Zelit d.o.o. through implementation of new production technologies and quality standards and environmental protection as well as development of new communication tools for promoting sustainable commerce.

Target groups include the employed, current and potential clients from home and abroad and the end users being the local population, other companies from the same sector and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature.


Planned project activities:

     1. Investment in new equipment (CNC machinery and testing equipment), which will enable expanding the product and service range, increase effectiveness of production and with it environmental protection.

     2. ISO standardisation and certification of the company through two certificates:

  • EN ISO 9001 quality control
  • EN ISO 14001 environmental management


     3. Development and implementation of a communication strategy, which will promote to current and potential customers new products and services of the company and the importance of a preventative approach in business so as to achieve high standard of efficiency and environmental protection.


For more info on the project please contact:

Zelit d.o.o.
Zdenačka 150, Zdenci Brdovečki
10291 Prigorje Brdovečko


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The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund