Protection and Renovation of Surfaces

Protection and Renovation of Steel and Concrete Surfaces

Zelit offers a wide range of specialised services and products in developing systems for protection and renovation of steel and concrete surfaces. Beginning with basic anticorrosive protection of steel and concrete to ensure longer life cycle of industrial and construction facilities and plants, to the need for prevention of corrosive or abrasive substances in technological processes and to unique challenges of protecting surfaces for the purposes of improving environmental protection and prevention of environmental pollution.

Using the unique properties of polymeric materials such as high anticorrosive and chemical stability and resistance to wear (abrasion), we produce a system of protection and repair of steel and concrete surfaces utilising various polymeric epoxy and polyurethane coatings, reinforced polyester and vynilester resins, polyurethane membranes, construction waterproof and polymer coatings, polymer foil (FPO, PELD, PVC) and plates (PP, PEHD, PVC).

In according with the client’s needs, our goal is to select and suggest the most appropriate protection system from a technological and economical point of view.

Zelit offers protection and renovation of steel and concrete surfaces:

  • Anticorrosion protection system

Coatings for protection of steel and concrete surfaces.

  • Special protection systems and surfaces renovation

According to the purpose they are basically hydroinsulation protection systems, impervious chemical resistant protection, impervious electrically conductive / anti static protection or mechanical abrasive resistant protection.

According to the thickness we produce them as protective layers, membrane or multilayer coatings.

As an example, we list protection and surface repair works:

  • Neutralizing pools and bund walls,
  • Petroleum products reservoirs,
  • Alkalis and acids containers,
  • Drinking water and food containers,
  • Steel or concrete containers for fire protection water (sprinkler)
  • Separators, sediment tanks, silos,
  • Flat roofs,
  • Industrial floors, etc

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