Equipment, Machines and Parts

Equipment, Machines and Parts

Machines and equipment in the chemical, food, paper and similar industries are today manufactured from a wide range of polymers and composite materials in combination with other materials, basing the selection of the polymer on its high chemical stability with optimal mechanical and thermal loading.

Zelit offers engineering, manufacturing, installation and repair of polymeric equipment, parts and machinery with reliable guarantee in terms of production quality and guarantee of functionality and technical characteristics. Most often, depending on the purpose and use, as part of various civil industry facilities and plants they are polymeric equipment, which meet ˝high ecological demands˝.

Zelit offers performing works, which include manufacturing, installation, repair and maintenance of equipment and parts:

  • For storage and transport of aggressive media (liquid, steam and gas) such as plastic containers, vessels, tubs, silos, armature, fittings, pumps, valves, filters, mixers, filtration units, scrubbers, ventilators, etc.
  • For processing and preparation of water for various purposes (e.g. reservoirs and pipeline distribution for drinking, softened and decarbonised water, ionic filters, devices for dosing)
  • For drainage and treatment of waste water from rain drainage, sewage drainage to various lines of technological waste water (containers, neutralising pools, sedimentation tanks, separators, manholes, drains, siphons, pipelines, pumps and pump stations).

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