About Us

About Us

Zelit Ltd is a private company founded in 1992.
Through its 20 years of experience, Zelit has developed the expertise in creating sophisticated solutions for its clients and offering a wide range of specialized services and products in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, processing, food, shipbuilding and construction industries.

Since its founding, the company has constantly been producing, developing and expanding its product range and with its expertise it is becoming a reliable provider of specialist works in construction and other related industries.

The company’s primary focus is on producing and servicing equipment, parts and installations of high chemical and ecological demand for industrial plants and construction facilities. This includes equipment, parts and installations first and foremost made from various polymers, basing the selection of polymers on their features of high chemical stability and resistance to all types of aggressive environments.

As a result of long-standing commitment to clients and their needs, we offer and develop a range of specialised services and products for the purposes of system protection and repair of steel and concrete surfaces beginning with the basic anticorrosive steel protection to construction hydroinsulation of concrete with the goal of ensuring longer life cycle, and specialised systems for protecting with various polymer coatings, resins, film or plates with the goal of environmental protection.

The quality and expertise of the company and its employees has contributed to the long term cooperation with leading industrial companies in Croatia such as Pliva, Cedevita, INA, STSI and others.


ISO certification process

In order to build trust and improve satisfaction for our clients, reduce business risks, increase employee motivation and establish more effective business processes, we are introducing the system of quality control EN ISO 9001:2008 to ensure better management of the company and its continued improvements.

At Zelit, we proactively and expertly take care of the environment. Given the fact that the company wishes to learn how to recognise the positive and negative implications on the environment in our sector/industry, and that it wants to implement measures to reduce and even eliminate negative influences, we are starting to introduce and enhance a system wide environmental management process according to the international criteria as per EN ISO 14001:2004.

ZELIT achieves ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification

Zdenci Brdovečki – May 2014. We are pleased to announce that all our efforts have been compensated with the achievement of ISO certification “Protection and renovation of steel and concrete surfaces. Assembly and maintenance of tap water and sewerage installation. Preparation and refurbishing, assembling service and outage of metal, rubber and polymer parts and equipment in industry and civil works for chemically aggressive environment and explosion hazardous areas”, granted by Bureau Veritas Croatia.

Certificate ISO 9001:2008

Certificate ISO 14001:2004


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