Zelit offers conceptual solutions for the technical galvanization range. All details are agreed upon in line with the wishes of the client and according to the technical specifications of the client or Zelit.

Galvanization is an electrolytic procedure of applying a metal coating on a selected item.

The technological galvanization line is made up of a range of tubs completely constructed from plastic or in combination of steel, plastic and acid resistant coating (covering) and are included in the range based on technological operations.

The tubs come with connectors with acid resistant and plastic ball valves for supply and drainage of liquid. Working tubs, depending on the technological process, can have heaters or coolers. On the upper edges the tub is a system of ventilation, which is made up of suction hoods, air flow regulators, ventilation ducts, fans and scrubbers (plastic flushers of waste steam and gases).

Along the technological line are pipelines for drainage of waste water, supply of electrolytes, supply of industrial water, supply of demineralised water and compressed air. There are also filter pumps for periodical filtration of electrolytes. At the bottom of the tub for flushing there is a pipe network for churning, which is connected to the compressed air outlet.

The method of materials delivery to the tubs and further disposal and treatment is by hand as well as semi-automatic or automatic, with a crane installed above the line. The galvanization treatment can be done indirectly through galvanised drums for small items or through special brackets for larger items of complex shapes.

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